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MEU Strasbourg in a nutshell

Model European Union Strasbourg is the authoritative simulation of EU politics. Every spring, more than 200 young Europeans gather in Strasbourg to work on 2 topics. But they don't start from scratch. They focus on 2 real-life legislative proposals of the European Commission.

The European Parliament and the Council of the EU will amend both proposals, following the Ordinary Legislative Procedure. Lobbyists will try to influence the proceedings while Journalists will push the power of media over politics to its greatest extent. Interpreters will enable smooth discussions between persons of different mother tongues.


MEU Strasbourg 2018 edition

Topics and proposals

The topics chosen for the 2018 edition will be uncovered in Autumn 2017. The proposals from the European Commission will follow in Winter 2018.


The 2018 edition should take place in Spring. The accurate dates shall be confirmed by the European Parliament in the course of Autumn 2017.



Applications will be opened around Christmas


The 2018 Organizing team


La Petite France, Strasbourg